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For nearly 20 years I have built scenery for television, film, and live productions making stage works, building custom sets, and props for productions around the United States.  My work building custom scenery has exposed me to many different production shops, methods, and machinery.  I have had the pleasure of working with literally hundreds of different carpenters, prop makers, metal fabricators, scenic artists, and many different specialized crafts in the film industry.  My passion for woodworking started from my childhood where I spent much of my free time learning bush crafts, and green wood working.  I’ll never forget my father showing me how I can use heat and water to bend wood for bows and arrows.  I also had several teachers take interest in my early art and woodworking.  Dragging home sticks to whittle on is familiar territory.

Nathan Brown Wood Art is my blog where I share my processes of the current wood working that has my attention and related projects for personal expression, experimentation, and for patrons to purchase my work.  I try to focus on hand tool woodworking, hand carving and some early joinery.  My enthusiasm for working wood has been a life long adventure in learning.  I will try to focus here on projects that are made of quality materials and methods that might make it worth keeping for generations.  I am also continuing to learn and meet with new mentors on these subjects.  Perhaps I can entice you to interact with me and my hand crafted goods or perhaps inspire you to create similar projects in your own wood shop.  Contact me today and lets build some wonderful work.

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Nathan Brown



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