Mallets All’ Round!

I have spent some time roughing out a batch of different sized mallets of green wood.  Green wood is still wet and softer to tool into when freshly cut.  I had an arborist drop some limbs around my home and have found a second life for the hard slow growing white oak.  They are now well waxed and boxed away to dry for a few years.


No mallet is complete without a lathe to back it up.   I cut these mallets on an old Powermatic built in 1964.  It is fun to use and is an 220v beast from another time.  I adjust the speed by moving a belt on step down pulleys.  I have welded a stand to hold the tool rest for cutting on the outboard side.  I found that bolting it to the floor helps to control the tipping.  I did try a friends tripod stand but found it could tip over.  I put it to the side and hang my face shield on it.

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