Holdfast Leather Pads

image4I had some leather scraps from another project and came up with these little leather shoes or pads for my holdfasts seen here hanging under my workbench.  Now that my holdfast are wearing shoes they rarely get used without them and everything I hold suffers less damage.  I have seen similar leather pads used by other craftspeople, but this is of my own design.  However as old as the holdfast is I am sure that generations before me found similar and familiar forms to protect their work.

A Spoonful of Carving

I had an opportunity to cut into some great pieces of black cherry felled this winter.  This a tip of the hat to a great carver, joiner, author, woodworker I admire.  You can check out Peter Follansbee and his work at his website here: https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/

This cherry is difficult to carve because the grain changes directions so much, but is what gives the spoon so much caricature.

I of course carved the “N” and the “B” into the back of the handle.


Mallets All’ Round!

I have spent some time roughing out a batch of different sized mallets of green wood.  Green wood is still wet and softer to tool into when freshly cut.  I had an arborist drop some limbs around my home and have found a second life for the hard slow growing white oak.  They are now well waxed and boxed away to dry for a few years.


No mallet is complete without a lathe to back it up.   I cut these mallets on an old Powermatic built in 1964.  It is fun to use and is an 220v beast from another time.  I adjust the speed by moving a belt on step down pulleys.  I have welded a stand to hold the tool rest for cutting on the outboard side.  I found that bolting it to the floor helps to control the tipping.  I did try a friends tripod stand but found it could tip over.  I put it to the side and hang my face shield on it.