Peach Pit Monkey Business

This is one of my first peach pit monkeys made the way I was taught with his tail in his mouth, and his hands and feet holding his tail.

When I was a young man my cousin helped me understand how to carve peach pits into a monkeys.  His father and grandfather(my great grandfather) use to entertain themselves by whittling on old peach pits.   Well I took to making them too and in peach season I still look for great big pits to dry and save to carve on.  I have made them for friends and family over the years and have see some on the internet in different forms.  Some claimed, “a hobo made them during the great depression”.  My great grandfather was whittling on one when he met his future wife.  She was impressed and he gave it to her as a gift.  After they where married they had it plated in gold and she wore it as a pendant on a necklace.  This all happen in rural South Carolina and I am glad to share and carry on this subtle folk art tradition.

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